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Oblak's natural and herbal products - with a long tradition.

The products are made of high quality organic and natural ingredients and are intended for multi-purpose care and regeneration. They were created by combining traditional folk knowledge and modern, scientifically supported concepts. The pharmacist Josef Oblak started the production of Oblak's natural and herbal products as early as 1936.

Oblak Natural products

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Smrekosan - Oblak's Spruce Resin Ointment

Spruce resin ointment is used to regenerate various parts of the body, massage muscles after heavy loads, soothe calloused feet, protect them from weather conditions....

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Okama - Oblak's Homemade Calendula-Chamomile Ointment

Calendula-chamomile ointment is used for skin care in cases of undesirable appearances on the skin, prevention of skin problems, skin regeneration, general care of very dry skin...

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Venosal - Oblak's Wild Chestnut Ointment

Wild chestnut ointment is used to regenerate chronically tired and stiff legs and feet, to care for the skin in the area of more visible veins on the legs and to care for the buttocks (the anal opening)...

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Oblak Natural History

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Josef Oblak (1893-1963) was a well-known pharmacist from Sentvid near Ljubljana. From a young age he was interested in pharmacy and the processing of medicinal herbs. Even as a young officer in World War I, he loved to advise his comrades on various ailments and prepare various "remedies". In 1923, he graduated from the University of Zagreb with a degree in pharmacy. Most of his life he worked in the pharmacy in Sentvid.

Pharmacist Josef Oblak's most famous ointment was Okama.

In his pharmacy he produced Okama ointment and spread its fame throughout Slovenia. Besides Okama, he produced a number of other well-known natural and herbal preparations. Herbana herbal ointment and spruce resin ointment were also very famous. Today, some products based on his original formula of active ingredients are manufactured by his son and grandson.

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Josef Oblak pharmacist

Use of Oblak Natural products

General instructions and guidelines for using Oblak Natural products.

  • Apply the ointment to the skin in a thin layer up to several times a day and rub gently into the skin.
  • The ointment can also be used as a massage base and the desired areas can be massaged as needed.
  • If necessary, you can also cover the applied areas with an air bandage or patch (gauze).
  • Apply the ointment to cleansed skin and, if necessary, wash the application site with warm water.
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Synergy of ingredients

In addition to the active ingredients, all products contain a number of multiple ingredients that work synergistically with each other. The descriptions of all ingredients are summarised in a small encyclopaedia of ingredients.

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Spruce resin

Spruce resin

Spruce resin has been used for many years in traditional folk medicine to treat a wide variety of skin problems.

Calendula flower


Calendula is a widely used medicinal plant, because it is effective against skin problems and has beneficial effects on the skin.

Horse chestnut fruit

Horse chestnut

Horse or wild chestnut contains escin in its fruits and is traditionally used in a wide range of foot and leg care products.

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Oblak Natural products are available in organic and herbal stores and pharmacies in Slovenia. All products can also be purchased through various online stores. Some of them also deliver to the EU and worldwide.

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