Spruce ointment
Okama ointment
Venosal ointment

Instructions for use and tips of Oblak Natural products

Oblak Natural ointments can be used daily without restrictions. Apply them to cleansed skin, washing the desired area beforehand if necessary. You can also cover the oiled areas with an air bandage (gauze), a patch or a clean cloth. Be careful not to apply ointments directly to open wounds or fresh injuries.

All three ointments Smrekosan, Okama and Venosal can be used to relieve and prevent skin problems and to eliminate undesirable appearances. Venosal is intended more for the care of legs and feet. The ointments act by stimulating the skin's defense mechanism and accelerating its action.

For regeneration and various massages Smrekosan - spruce ointment is most recommended, Okama ointments and Venosal (for the leg area) are also suitable. When caring for the back, shoulders, joints, muscles, ligaments and stiff and tired limbs, we recommend using it as a massage base for better blood circulation and faster regeneration of the skin. It can also be used for relaxation massages after heavy loads or sports activities.

To protect the skin from weather conditions, it is recommended to use Okama ointment or Smrekosan - spruce resin ointment. All ointments form a protective layer on the skin, which creates a barrier between the skin and external influences. Due to the action of natural ingredients, after application the skin is soft, firm and pleasant to the touch.

For the care of very dry or mature skin, Okama ointment is best, but Smrekosan or Venosal can also be used in the leg area. Okama abundantly moisturizes the skin, makes it more supple and has a regenerating effect. All ointments form a thin layer on the skin, which acts like a shield and prevents water from evaporating.

For leg and foot care, Venosal ointment is best, but Smrekosan or Okama ointment are also suitable. Rub the chosen ointment evenly into the skin in circular movements. Venosal ointment is the most suitable for skin care in the area of more visible veins on the legs. In the case of varicose veins or ruptured capillaries do NOT rub the ointment too intensively and do not massage the affected areas.

Smrekosan and Okama ointments are the most suitable for the care and relief of calloused feet. Gently apply the selected ointment to the desired area on the feet and rub it in gently. For better effect, 1-2 drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil can be added to the ointment before application.

Venosal and Okama ointments are suitable for the care of the buttock opening (anal opening). You can put the ointment on a tissue or toilet paper to make it easier to apply to the buttock opening area. If the application site needs to be cleaned beforehand, do so with soap and warm water.

Smrekosan and Okama ointments are best for the treatment of stretch marks. After application, the ointments make the skin more elastic, have a pronounced regenerating and moisturizing effect, thus preventing the formation of stretch marks. The use of Smrekosan ointment is recommended for anti-cellulite care. In the place where the ointment with resin is applied, it additionally stimulates blood circulation in the skin and thus has a beneficial effect against cellulite.

Smrekosan - spruce ointment is most suitable for the care in the area of respiratory system. Use by rubbing it in the respiratory tract area on the skin. For better performance, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil and a drop of peppermint or thyme essential oil to the ointment before applying it. Essential oils have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system.